We always get asked about how much does it cost to build a website and will we do it for $199 just like the guy on Craigslist.  We need a little more info to answer the first abut the answer is NO to the second.  And here is why:

We offer custom web design solutions that are specific to your business or personal reasons AND we employ the latest code and or techniques AND we use the current industry standards.  A simple site for one plumber might consist of 2-3 pages, while a simple site for a real estate agent might consist of 20-25 pages with hundreds of links.  After building sites for almost 18 years, we have learned that very few customers fit in a “box” or template.

Second, our designs or solutions include SEO ready code.  We pay attention to those “silly” little details that make it easy to modify and change your website depending on your SEO needs.  We optimize the images and make sure that your site is viewable on an ipad or tablet.  Those details cost a few dollars more than the $199 special.  On a simple site, those details take about 4-8 hours.  If the cheap web designer who has been building sites for a year is paying attention to those details and building you a custom site for under $200, will they be in business next year?

Third, we get at least 4 calls a week for help from customers who used a “cheap” web design guy and now they are stuck.  The phone is disconnected, their hosting is locked and they do not have access to their domain and email.  It is frightening. Additionally, in many cases, we have to rework a bunch of the code to make it industry standard.  We also run into designers who have plagarized content resulting in penalties in ranking on Google.  Cheaper is not always better.  Free never is 🙁

Remember to check on a few things when looking at web design firms – here in Tampa Bay or anywhere.

  1. Will you get all your own source code
  2. When hosted, will you have access to your own cpanel so you can make email or hosting changes as necessary?
  3. Will you get the original stock photography?
  4. Is the CSS optimized for SEO down the road?
  5. Does the design meet industry standard for compliant code?
  6. Are you the owner of your domain name?

Our prices are fair, when competing against similar quality web design firms, we are often a significant better price.  When competing against the cheap guys, we are often a significantly better value.

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