Hurricane Checklist

Hurricane Checklist

Tropical Storm Isaac potentially headed for Florida, we’d like to pass on some timely tips to help you keep your computer & electronic equipment and data safe and sound, at home or at the office. And as this is our first threat this hurricane season, we recommend that you keep these tips handy so you can gear into action any time a dangerous tropical storm approaches.

1. First and foremost, back up all your important data! Power outages are likely during severe tropical storms, and you’ll need to make sure all your critical data is stored. Run a full back up immediately!

2. If your area is forecast for a direct hit, unplug all your computer & electronics equipment well in advance of the storm. This will keep your equipment safe from power surges. Even if your equipment is plugged into battery backups, unplug your machines ASAP. In addition to your computers, monitors, and printers – make sure your TVs, fax, machines, and phones are also unplugged.

3.If you’re not in the storm’s direct path, you still might be subject to power outages and surges. To safeguard your equipment against power surges, make sure all your computers, routers, and servers are connected to battery backups. In addition to providing surge protection, battery backups provide your equipment some extra time to shut down properly. Plus, living in Florida, it’s basically a necessity to have a battery backup to protect your equipment from the typical summer afternoon thunderstorms.

4.Cover all your equipment with plastic and lift all your machines off of floors to protect them against water damages.

5.Have a backup telephone handy – in addition to your cell phone – just in case your cell phone network suffers damages from the storm.


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