Capt Teo’s Drunk Mushroom Stuffing

Drunk Mushroom Stuffing

This is not a traditional stuffing recipe and I find that people either love it or hate it. If you like wine and mushrooms, you will probably love it. It has a earthy flavor and the majority of my friends want me to do it so I think it is worth a shot.

Drunk Mushroom Stuffing


2 sticks butter – melted

1 or 2 loaves French bread (sorry – they come in all sizes)

24oz of sliced portabella mushrooms

1 medium onion – diced



2- 3 cups of white wine – I use chardonnay or sauvignon blanc

Dark Rum

1 package chicken broth

Grab a cocktail and cut the bread into ½” x ¾” cubes – use a straight edge and a level and be exact like my pal Hartwin. OK – just cut the bread into smallest chunks or tear it into bite size pieces. If you are doing this with my Death by Bacon Drunken Turkey, you should have had a few cocktails by now so to be honest – it doesn’t really matter – just cut it up into little pieces.

I also use this to stuff the Turkey – so I do 2 dishes. A 9×13 cake pan and a medium bowl to use for stuffing the bird.

I will spell it out for you using the 9×13 pan – use your imagination for the bowl. Depending on the pan – you will make 3 or 4 layers.

Butter or spray the pan with Pam.

Put a layer of the cubed bread in the pan.

Sprinkle Salt and Pepper over the bread

Put a layer of mushrooms over the bread

Add about 1/3 of the onions to the layer.

Drizzle a little of the butter over the layer. (you will do this for 3 or 4 layers)

Douse with Chardonnay

Drizzle a little rum (I hold my finger over the opening and just sprinkle it)

Drizzle with chicken broth.


Repeat until the pan is full.

Cook about an hour (maybe an hour and 30min if the oven is full) If the bread is looking too dry – drizzle with wine and broth.

Here is what it looks like when done:


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