Why you need a mobile website now!

Why you need a mobile website now!

I get a ton of calls about mobile websites. At Tampa Web Design we have been building mobile and responsive websites for several years now. All new websites that we build are responsive designs meaning they will automatically adjust the layout based on the screen resolution. You can check out more detailed info on Tampa Responsive Website Designs.

The reality is this – current (actually over 6 months old) statistics tell us that 55% of ADULTS are browsing websites on their phone. With over 2700 websites built, we have a pretty good mix of industries as customers and have analytics on most. Our records show that even customers who we would never think of being viewed by a mobile device are being searched for and are getting customers from a mobile phone.

Here are just a few recent examples:

A local sod farm has significant traffic on their sites from phone browsers.

A supplier of waste water treatment equipment has engineers pulling up pdf datasheets from the field.

A charity helping wounded soldiers collects donations via phone customers.

I build websites for a living and have been for longer than I would like to admit. I never thought that customers would be using their phones in this manner. Heck, I never thought websites would have such an effect on your business. By monitoring the traffic via mobile devices for these 2 customers, we are able to tweak what is displayed so that the customers have a better experience and our customers can get more business.

The bottom line is this – your customers are using their phones to check out your business online. Either you make a good impression or your don’t. I can tell you personally that I get at least 1 new SERIOUS prospect each week who found my business while using their mobile phone.

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