Google Panda Update 2015

People always ask us “will my site show up first in google”

The reality is unless you have time and money, probably not.  Google uses all kinds of things to determine how a site ranks in their Search Engine and the algorithms are extremely complicated.  This year, the Google Panda Update 2015 is being rolled out, and it is taking months and months to roll out due to internal issues.

These updates affect how you site ranks.  While Google keeps this information relatively close there are a few things you (or we) can do to help improve your site performance and SEO.

First realization you need to understand.  Google’s goal is to provide excellent quality content to their users.  In Panda, Google’s goal is to eliminate the lower quality content that people have been using to gain ranking results.  So the Panda update is trying to remove results that are SPAMMY and that are not relevant or useful.

How does this affect you?  Simple, content is king.  You need content on your pages.  This content needs to be informative and educational.  Just building links is not going to work these days.

Why is this important?  Simple – you need a web developer who understands these things.  A good developer can guide you in creating your content.  Tampa PC Web Design will work with you when we are building you site to help you provide us the content.  Or we can write the content for you for a nominal fee.  All too often we get a list of services a business provides.  With the Google Panda Update 2015, this type of content is considered Spammy or keyword stuffing.  It can penalize your site performance.  Seem simple enough?  A experienced web designer will know this and inform the customer when the site is getting built.  Hire a professional – it is always much cheaper than an amateur.

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