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When choosing a Tampa Website Designer, you have a variety of options.  As one of the best Tampa website development companies, we specialize in affordable custom website design.  That means we build the website custom suited and optimized for your business needs.  We typically do not provide the content, but we do assist our customers with what content is needed and we can optimize your content for organic search engine optimization.

We have an extensive checklist that sets us apart from other website designers, and we follow that process to ensure that we give our customers the best possible product.  Here is what a customer can expect when working with us.

1 Initial consultation.  We meet personally or over the phone to get a feeling of what you are looking for and what you need.  At this time, we also get color preferences, copies of the logo, and website purpose and what the SEO and marketing requirements are.  While we offer packages for ease of pricing, everything we only do custom website development so that your website is exactly what you need and want.

2 We then create an estimate and collect a small deposit.

3 We then begin our mockup and custom website design phase.  At this time we start to create a custom design in mockup form.  We will use stock photos and fill with latin text to create a website concept for you to review.  We want your honest feedback.  We are going use to feedback to narrow in on a design concept.

4 Upon the mockup approval of the website design, we then invoice for a deposit and we start building out your website.  As part of this process we work with you to obtain your content and depending on your choices, we apply keyword analysis to our design elements and content to build a solid basis for SEO.  At this point we also begin adding the features to the website and we follow our checklist and process to ensure that the site functions flawlessly in a responsive manner so it displays correctly on phones, tablets, and desktops.

5 While we are adding content, we go through the latest security updates and run the site through a variety of security scanners to make sure that the site is secure and that we have backups during the website development cycle.

6 Upon completion of the content addition, we will then provide you a link on our website test server for you to review and make changes to the content and for us to begin our final checklist before we go live.  We also create a source code folder within the website to make sure that the customer has all the source code, Photoshop files, purchased plugin licenses and stock photos in a convenient place.

At the go-live phase, we do a final test and run through our checklist a final time.  We make sure all phone numbers are click to call on mobile devices and that all addresses link to the appropriate maps.  We check our social media share logos and icons and check all links on the site.  Once we go live, we then update Google Analytics and Webmaster tools and other appropriate SEO items.

We are proud to be a Top Tampa Website Design Company.  We pay attention to all the little details and our 22 years of building over 3100 websites makes sure that we are more than just a freelance website developer, we are a partner to our customers!  Even with all of our website functionality that we build into EVERY custom website, we tend to be the most affordable website company in the area.  We refuse to skimp on the details.  If you are looking for a cheap template website, we are not the website designer for you.  But if you want a full completely custom website for the price of the template web designers, then we are your best bet for a Tampa Web Design Company.


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