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Choosing a Brandon eCommerce website developer or web designer can be difficult. There are a ton of web designers and with the influx of BNI or Networking groups, the referrals to inexperienced website designers can further confuse the choices. You should get referrals from people who have actually used the web developer or where that web designer has a proven track record and history.

Not all eCommerce websites are created equal. There are several good platforms out there to build upon. When you call a Brandon Web Designer to discuss your eCommerce websites needs, make sure they ask a ton of questions about your business. Does the web developer understand how you sell? Do they suggest tools to help increase your business and online sales? A skilled and experienced Brandon eCommerce website developer will know about features such as abandoned carts, SEO configurations, related products, upsell components, payment modules beside just Paypal and Authorize net. A good web designer will understand about shipping modules and inventory management within the shopping cart. Does your potential eCommerce developer understand the various promo code options and how those coupon codes can be used to increase sales? They will discuss the website checkout process with you to make sure you understand the difference between guest checkout and having an account.

eCommerce web development is an art form. We get several requests for eCommerce website repair projects each week because a business went with a cheaper solution or they simply did not know the questions to ask and got burned by an inexperienced Web Developer. The unskilled website designer will say they can build you a site using wordpress or oscommerce or joomla or magento but will not discuss the difference between these platforms. We have built an abundance of sites in all of these platforms and more. We have written dozens and dozens of custom modules to help increase online sales and to promote sales growth of specific products or groups of products. Experience does matter and your business is special.

When we discuss any eCommerce solutions with a Brandon area business, we research the business and ask a series of questions to make sure we understand their needs and wants in an eCommerce website. Most of the time, we will suggest and recommend additional features that we can add cost effectively to make the site function better and to increase sales and profit.

Because we have built so many eCommerce sites, it is rare that we are asked about a feature that we have not already built on another site. Make sure the web developer you choose has the skills to build your website and your features.

We are happy to give you a no cost consultation at our Riverview office. Give us a call to discuss your website needs today!

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