Google Update 2016

Panda is part of Google Core Ranking Algorithm now

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Almost everyone is surprised when Google does a new rollout, and with this last SEO update, Panda is part of Google core ranking algorithm now. You can find out many blogs and contents regarding this Update throughout the web.    According to this Google recent update, Panda is now part of core ranking signals, an algorithm that’s applied to sites overall. What this means is that the quality of a website, which you can read more about throughout our website, is this update is allows Google to take the quality of a website into consideration and adjust SERP accordingly.

Now it is even more important to hire a professional to build your site if you are interested in having people find your business online.    Hiring an inexperienced amateur can have a severe negative impact on your website showing up in google.  To complicate this, there are many Panda mythology reported as fact, which ends up having these amateur  webmasters attempt to fix Panda affected sites, but this can end up hurting a site even more.  The long-held belief to remove all low-quality or copy content from website is a good example for this.
Now according to this update Google panda effect on website ranked keywords and traffic, removing poor or copy content from website doesn’t a provide a solution to clean up website from panda penalties.   And as some people do not agree with this (quite vocally), it does make great sense. You can remove content since you feel it could be harmfully impacting on website from a Panda viewpoint could actually be creation a website’s search problems even more.
You can read more regarding this latest update by Jennifer Slegg
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