Computer Geeks with personality

Computer geeks who understand your business.We are a group who likes to have fun while having real life business and computer experiences. We are practical computer geeks – meaning we do not have to have the latest gadgets and are not concerning with bleeding edge technology. We believe in the “price/performance” curve – and will spec solutions based on practical experience, not because it is a “cool solution”.   With over 27 years of Computer and Server experience and 21 years of Developing Websites, we know what works and what doesn’t.  We pay close attention to the latest technology and adapt that technology where it makes sense.  For example, every website in the last 4 years has been mobile optimized as once phones had the capability to browse the internet, we knew it was a feature that we should add.Teo Leonard, President, graduated from Purdue University with degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He began consulting with businesses and their technical needs in 1988.  He did a short stint with National Semiconductor as a Technical Sales Engineer and got bit by the sailing bug. He spent several years sailing and in between worked with James River Group as a technical product manager specializing in PC and Unix Connectivity. He created the networking division for UniDirect / VarCity, a Unix software reseller who later sold out to SCO Unix in the early 1990s. In 1993, He wrote a book on Bridging the gap between PCs and Unix(essentially about the internet, before Al Gore invented it) and in 1994 began our current consulting company providing expertise to businesses for internet application and web design. We have installed and configured in excess of 500 servers, 1000 networks, and well over 10,000 PCs of all sorts. We have built over 3000 Websites.  Teo is Microsoft Certified.


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Short Background on Tampa PC Web Design

IT Business Consulting – the parent company of Tampa PC Web Designbook was established in  Jan 1994 by Teo Leonard with the purpose of helping customers gain control of their computer networks. Too many businesses were dealing with over ego’d computer geeks who fully believed that the business existed because of the computer system, thus forgetting that the geeks had a job because the business was in the business of xxx. With a solid history of Computer and Electrical Engineering experience, Teo merged his business skills with his computer skills and hung out his shingle. Back then, the original slogan was “When you need a geek but don’t want to work with or talk to one…”

How true that was back then. Today it is almost as crazy with anybody creating a twitter or face book page and creating a blog and they become a computer expert overnight. We don’t have a lot of experience with these computer thingies, we just wrote our first book about the Internet about 3 years before Al Gore claimed to have invented it!
Over the years we have worked with quite a few companies on their networks or custom applications. Heck, you may have even heard of a few of them….