Google Update 2016

Panda is part of Google Core Ranking Algorithm now

Here are Tampa Web Design – we pride ourselves at keeping up with the latest SEO info from Google.

Almost everyone is surprised when Google does… Continue reading

Google Panda Update 2015

People always ask us “will my site show up first in google”

The reality is unless you have time and money, probably not.  Google uses all kinds of things to determine how a site… Continue reading

Template vs Custom Websites

I am amazed at how many so called web designers are out there selling “custom” websites when they are actually just customizing a stock template. The arguement is that because it is cheaper?  I… Continue reading

How to add a post on a wordpress blog

To add a post on a wordpress blog is easy , just follow the next steps

1. Login in dashboard

2. Go to “Posts” -> “Add New”

3. Writte post title / text and publish it