How are we successful

How are we successful at Search Engine Optimization for our customers? It’s not a secret, it is simply a matter of our experience in working with the internet since 1994 and taking the time to properly perform the work required. It also requires us to constantly study and watch the trends:
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Research Potential Keyword Phrases:
We begin the SEO process by creating a preliminary list of keyword phrases which are relevant to your site. Our SEO experts will then research and analyze to determine the best fit for your site. We will also analyze your competition. One thing to keep in mind, there is no such thing as a quick remedy, As your site begins to appear at the top, all the sites below you want to get in front of you!
seo icon Determine Keyword Phrases:
We then discuss the results with you to determine what keywords your potential visitors will likely use to find your site. Many times the most obvious keyword does not make sense as everyone else is using it and it may be quite costly to get to the top. However, many times our research will uncover alternative keywords that we can get you to the front of the list very quickly and the total of those searches are more than the main keyword. The most popular applicable phrases can then be incorporated into the site.
seo icon Optimize Meta Tags and Content:
Once the specific keywords are determined, we will edit page titles, text, image tags and meta tags of your individual web pages to promote relevant keyword phrases. If we are building your site, we take this into consideration while we are designing and building your site so that the relevant content is optimized during the build process to minimize your cost. Once we have your site optimized, then we are ready to begin the submission and link building process.
seo icon Build Links:
The file names of web pages are important, as are the actual linked text. We will properly link internal pages of your site then build some important external links to your site.
seo icon Submit Pages to Search Engines:
Most search engines will eventually find and catalog your website. We can streamline this process by submitting a sitemap directly to major search engines and directories. The search engines respond by reviewing your site and categorizing the pages appropriately. Note: It often takes months before your site starts to realize its potential.
seo icon Integrate your site with Social Media and Relevant Directories:
For most businesses, we recommend that your site be integrated with current social media sites and also with the relevant authoritative directories.
seo icon Build External Links:
One way links to your site with the proper keyword phrases from relevant high Page Rank sites is important. Our studies and experience show that this is mandatory if you want your site to show up quickly. There are several “black hat” solutions out there — we will never put a site in jeopardy and only use very clean and natural link building solutions. We offer a variety of link building programs.
seo icon Review and Analyze Web Traffic Patterns:
We recommend Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to get important metrics used to measure your site’s effectiveness. We install and configure these reporting tools, then analyze data to determine strengths and areas of opportunities.
seo icon Re-optimize Page Content:
Using this information, along with additional ranking resources we can then re-optimize your website in order to improve results. For maximum effectiveness, Apollo Beach Internet and SEO recommends reviewing and optimizing pages at least a few times a year.