Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We feel that Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, SEO, SEM and SMM for short, is critical for small businesses who rely on the web for sales and lead generation. SEO is the technique of building and designing your web pages and content so your website performs well for internet searches. There are 2 distinct areas to be taken into consideration: On-site and Off-site optimization. On-site search engine optimization is the process of making sure the website content is set up correctly. This is an area that is easily within our control. This is accomplished primarily by editing page titles and text, adding or modifying meta tags, properly linking pages and building incoming links. Research has shown that the vast majority of people performing an online keyword search will only visit sites listed on the first page of the search results. Our goal is to determine the most relevant and popular keywords for you and get your site listed within the top three search results on major search engines. Our custom software will analyze your site on over 200 current items to ensure that your site is optimized. The second type of SEO is Off-site. This is where Google and the other search engines take a look at how the rest of the internet “sees” the relevance of your site. Is there interaction and traffic between social sites and your site?

Where do people come to your site from? Are you trying to promote your site using “black hat” or tricky methods.All of these items affect how your ranking occurs. We only use “white hat” strategies for our customers. All of this takes time and MUST appear naturally. Apollo Beach Internet has invested heavily in the knowledge to creatively and perform SEO and SEM. In many cases, our clients get listed on the top of multiple search engines for relevant keyword phrases. It is impossible to promise that you will always appear on page one of Google, but we have been and are very successful in SEO efforts.

At Tampa PC Web Design, we feel that your website must enhance your business, not control it. We offer a variety of affordable SEO campaigns with no contract and can work within your budget. You can start and stop promotion based on your cash flow. We do not demand large up front “configuration fees”. All of our websites are built from ground up with SEO in mind, and while our basic plans do not include SEO services or training, our websites are ready for you when you want to add additional services or handle SEO yourself.

We also offer SEO training services where we will sit with you and explain what you need to do and provide you with a road map if you want to work on promoting your site on your time and with your employees.

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Search Engine Optimization