Website Checklist

At Tampa PC Web Design, we have learned an unbelievable amount in 21 plus years of developing websites and web apps.  While we would love to say it has all been roses, the truth is with over 3000 websites, we have learned quite a bit the hard way.  The good thing is that we learn from our mistakes and over the years we can honestly say that no one can build a professional website for $200.  When we build a website, we have a solid list of items that must be checked out while the site is in the prelaunch phase.  Failure to use a detailed checklist is a guaranteed way to ensure a trainwreck on your hands and for your customers to see how unprofessional you are.   For a variety of reasons, we do not publish our internal processes, but we are happy to share a portion of our checklist, in no particular order, of what we do when launching a site.  We find that going over these details ensure that our customers have a professional experience and because they appear more professional to their partners and customers, they get more sales!

Favicon and iphone favicon
Check all links
Setup 404 page for
redirection of old or bad links
Test Firewall
Titles and Description
Take screen shots of old site
for before and after
Friendly URLS
Upload photoshop and
original files to server
Comments in template,
css and source files
Check footer links

Make sure phone is click to
call on mobile site
Check spelling
Review pages for look and
feel professional!!!!
Check browser compatibility
Run Proprietary Software
to sniff out hidden links, etc.
Check FB, Linkedin,
Google Plus
Submit site to business
Google Analytics
Google Webmaster Tools
Hx tags for headings

Backup of old site
Backup of new site store current
backup in source_files folder
Logo on Header links to
appropriate page
Speed test site
Check dates on articles,
blogs etc.
301 Redirects for old pages
to new pages
Sitemap to webmaster tools
Optimize images
Optimize and compress
css and js
Validate code